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Our policy is providing the very best supply of drinking water which God has provided through, maximal utilization of available resources with utmost hygienic conditions as per the GCC/UAE standard for water and safe to consume by our customers.

We have food safety management System at KHATT Sweet Water and which is aimed at :

  • Providing products, that according to the intended use, is safe for the consumer.
  • To demonstrate compliance with applicable statutory and regulalory food safety requirement.
  • To evaluate and access costmer requirement and demonstrate conformity with those mutuality agree costomer satisfaction.
  • To effectively communicate food safety issues to their suppliers, customers and relevant interested parties, the food chain.

Building and Facilities :

The plant is situated in a neat location with clean surrounding without any stagnant water, swamp etc. There is a clearly defined parameter free from accumulations of waste and unused equipment. The plant surroundings with immediate approach to the processing area are neatly maintained to prevent wind-blown dust entry in to the processing area.

The plant lay out and construction facilitates have smooth flow of work and prevents cross contamination by the help of partitions, air flow, enclosed system to separate operations likely to contaminate, etc. The factory areas and compartments used for the storage of edible product are separated from those used other materials. The food handling areas is completely separated from the area used for other purposes.

The factory building is of permanent nature. The doors and windows are close fitting without any gaps. External surfaces of the doors and windows are smooth and easy cleaning of them is possible. All external opening doors are having self-closing devises, air curtains and plastic strip curtains to prevent entry of insects and rodents.
The floor of the processing hall is non-slippery without crevices and slope in such a way that the drained water flows opposite to the flow of production. there is an adequate drainage facility and drainage is constructed in such a way so as to facilitate easy cleaning. walls of the processing area are smooth, free from cracks. The pipes, cables, switchboards etc. are neatly covered.

The ceiling is free from cracks and open joints, smooth and easy to clean. The ceiling is designed to prevent accumulation of dust, condensation etc. False ceiling is provide wherever necessary. The working areas are well lighted with tube lights with protective coverings. The processing halls areĀ  fully air conditioned and maintained at constant temperature. The processing halls are provided with fly screens or net to prevent the entry of pest or flies. The fly screen is easily detachable for easy cleaning. Drip or condense from fixtures, pipes etc. does not contaminate foods or food contact surfaces. the factory is maintained in good condition and painted neatly